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your therapist国模无码视频一区二区三区

<Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. The characters neither are nor are based on real people. While the username MercilessHound666 may exist, he or she is not represented, in part or whole, by this storyline. I hope you enjoy the read.>-You have received a friend request from MercilessHound666-MercilessHound666: Your name and age?Me: stacie. im 16MercilessHound666: And what's my name?Me: mercilesshound666?MercilessHound666: Stacie, I would like for you to understand something. If you want to be my pet, then you will have to think while speaking with me. I will not accept an idiot. Try again.Me: master?MercilessHound666: That's a good girl. Are you naked right now?Me: mmhmm <3MercilessHound666: …Me: sorry master. yesMercilessHound666: Put some clothes on, Stacie. We have things to discuss.Me: why?MercilessHound666: You were the one that asked to have someone take authority over them, weren't you? You're not in a position to question my orders.Me: sorry masterMe: all dun masterMercilessHound666: Good. Now, you have a webcam, right?Me: yes masterMercilessHound666: Turn it on and let me watch. Only me.You have invited MercilessHound666 to view your webcamConnecting…MercilessHound666: You look very cute in that.Me: ty masterMercilessHound666: First things first. You may call me sir if it's easier for you. It's nauseating imagining you bending your knees every time you reply to me. Second, you've had at least nine years of English classes, I'm sure. We may be chatting but I will not accept chatspeak, is that understood?Me: Yes, sir.MercilessHound666: That's better. Now, Stacie, I would like you to do something, not as my pet, but as a sixteen year old girl. State clearly what you're giving me permission to do. Please stay away from anything vulgar.Me: Uh, okay. I'm giving you permission to tell me what to do. To make me do whatever you say.Me: Please make me yours, Master.MercilessHound666: That was very good. Very well. As of now, you're mine. You will do what I say when I say it, and no later. Agreed?Me: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.MercilessHound666: Perhaps we should start with some ground rules. Do not speak again until I've finished.MercilessHound666: Firstly, you are to be online from 9-11 pm every night. You will do everything possible to ensure that these privileges continue to exist for you.MercilessHound666: Secondly, you will inform me of when you get a report card, and you will show it to me. Feel free to cover any personal details, but I will want to see your grades. Bs are grounds for punishment. Anything less than a B and we will not speak again.MercilessHound666: Don't go into shock just yet, Stacie. I'm not finished.MercilessHound666: Thirdly, you will plan your outfits ahead of time, and ask for permission to wear them. After time, this will change, as I will simply tell you what to wear. Understand that this includes underwear.MercilessHound666: Fourthly, you are not to masturbate unless I tell you to. You are not to engage in sexual acts outside of our two hours together. Frankly, I don't very much care if you're horny- your release is mine to give and mine alone.MercilessHound666: You look more worried about that than the grades. I think I'm going to enjoy you. Just one more.MercilessHound666: My last rule should be obvious, but I thought I should slip it in. You are not to tell anybody about me, whether they be your parents, your therapist, or your best friend since tinkertoys. Can you abide by these five rules?Me: Yes, sir.MercilessHound666: Your fingers say yes, but your face says differently. Show some conviction.Me: I will obey your rules, sir.MercilessHound666: Now that's the face of a strong pet.MercilessHound666: You're even cuter when you blush. I'll have to see what I can do to get that reaction more often.MercilessHound666: Now that we've gotten the preliminaries out of the way, let's push this forward a bit.MercilessHound666 is inviting you to view their webcamConnecting…MercilessHound666 is inviting you to voice chatConnecting…Stacie's eyes brightened when she finally saw her new master's face. She'd been a bit worried about this part, actually. She wasn't sure if she could fully submit to a fat, pimple-faced forty year old guy living in his parents basement and jacking off to her. The same went to fourteen year olds. The face in front of her was clear of blemishes, and was actually quite handsome. It was the face of a lean, somewhat handsome man in his early twenties. She'd totally hit that. Suddenly, she realized what she was thinking and blushed again.A chuckle came from her speakers. "You may remove your clothes now. Slowly, please," her master said. Despite being only sixteen, Stacie did have some experience in this area. She'd had one boyfriend whom she'd gone almost all the way with, and her reservoir of porn was vast enough to give her some idea of what guys wanted to see. She took her time, teasing the pink tank top that she was wearing up her torso and past her modest mounds. Once that far, she quickly discarded the item, causing her shoulder-length golden blonde hair to rearrange itself slightly."No bra?" he asked in a neutral tone."I didn't think I'd be wearing it for long, sir," Stacie said meekly."Of course you didn't." He rested his face in one hand and for one minute the two simply watched each other. Stacie could feel some form of tension building. If only he would say something. Time seemed to slow to a crawl until at last, he broke the silence. "I know I asked for you to move slowly, but it would seem like you're hardly moving at all.""Sorry, sir," she yelped, and began to slide the miniskirt down her hips. She'd kind of hoped for a comment about the skirt earlier. She sat on her bed when on her laptop, which meant that he should have gotten the perfect upskirt shot. She looked at his image on the screen, which hadn't moved much. She wanted to excite him, but it seemed that he was on the verge of boredom. What she failed to realize was that because he wasn't moving, she was occupying his full attention.When the skirt slipped past her feet, he spoke again. "Get on your hands and knees and face away from me while you take your panties off.""Yes, sir," she said automatically, and moved to obey. The act would put her pussy and ass on direct display, which excited her. Once she was in the correct position, she allowed her torso to rest on the bed before reaching back and hooking her thumbs under the waistline of her panties. She slowly removed the garment, embarrassingly aware that it was sticking to her already damp pussy. Once it was at her knees, she tried lifting herself up to remove it the rest of the way, only to be interrupted."It's fine like that. Spread your legs a bit and then open up your pussy for me," he commanded. She obeyed instantly. "You're a virgin, yes? But you've done this before, haven't you?" he asked."Yes, sir," she said. "How did you know?""This is too easy for you, Stacie. How many have you given yourself to?""Three before you, sir.""And what happened to them?""Two left, sir. The other one I left.""You left him? Why?""Um, actually, it turns out that he was a girl, sir. And she wanted me to do some really weird things," she muttered.The face on her screen smiled, unseen by the girl that was facing the other direction. He had plans for the girl that was spread in front of him. But patience was a virtue that he believed most fervently in. Her ex mistress obviously lacked that. "Remove your hands from your pussy and slap your bed as hard as you can," he commanded. To her credit, Stacie only hesitated for the slightest moment by the change of subject and obeyed. "Good enough," he commented regarding the thud that was heard. "Are you ready for your punishment?""P-punishment?" Stacie stuttered. "But, sir, why?""For questioning me without asking for permission first. In fact, you just doubled your punishment. Twenty spankings, to my count, now. Are you ready?""Yes, sir," she said in a defeated tone."Get both hands ready. I will count slowly, and you will keep up. If you don't, I will start over. You may start… Now…" A smack was heard as her hands descended on her ass cheeks. "Stop. If you go easy on yourself, it won't be a punishment. You will use as much force as you can muster for each blow. Understood?""Yes, sir," was heard, barely."What was that?""Yes, sir," Stacie said again, louder. "P-please make me punish myself."Her master chuckled again. "You do not fail to satisfy, Stacie. Ready? Start…" A louder smack pierced the room, and Stacie bit her lip to keep from crying out. "One…" She pushed herself past the pain and just barely managed to land her second blow before she heard him call it. One by one she forced herself through the count, until she faltered at sixteen. Her master did not stop counting as she'd expected- he simply started over. "One…" She forced herself to land another blow. "Two…""Twenty. That's a good girl. Turn around now, and face me. How do you feel?" he asked, and watched as her reddened bottom shifted out of sight. She sat uncomfortably on the bed,成年男性泄欲网站 wiping the tears from her eyes."I kinda feel like I just spanked myself twenty times, sir" she said, trying to sound weak despite her total inability to hide the smile on her face. "It hurt, but… God, I'm just so horny right now. May I touch myself, please?" she asked, one hand- likely still stinging from the punishment that it had dealt- drifting to her now nearly dripping cunt.She saw her master's gaze divert, followed by the sounds of typing. She leaned in closer to see what he was sending her.MercilessHound666: What are your sizes?She stared for a moment, and then started to speak. "Um, I'm a 34B. I don't really know my other sizes. Sir.""You'll have to get them, then. Before that, didn't I tell you that you couldn't masturbate without permission?" Stacie's eyes shot down to see that she had been pleasuring herself without thinking about it. Quickly, she brought her hand away."I'm so sorry, sir, it won't happen again, I promise! You just made me so fuc-" she started babbling, trying to gain his mercy.Sadly, the man's pity was not so easily won. "You'll have to be punished again," he said dryly, interrupting her. "Find a long length of string or yarn and… a ruler or tape measure of some sort. They can't be found in your room.""Right away, sir," she said automatically. For a punishment, it wasn't as bad as she'd expected. A search was easy compared to the spanking that she'd just given herself.His answering glare so intense that she backed away from it even though she knew that he couldn't reach her. "You didn't let me finish, Stacie. You will leave in your current state- naked and with your panties around your ankles. You will point the laptop towards the door so that I can see you both leave and enter. And as punishment for interrupting me- slave- you will not close the door again until I tell you to. Is that entirely clear?"Stacie breath stopped in her chest. This was farther than her other other masters had had her go, save for the one that she'd left. However, she could feel her body starting to obey, as if it were already attuned to his voice. Anyway, with her older brother off to college, she only really had to worry about her parents, who went to sleep at 8:30 and were generally impossible to wake up until their alarm went off. And somehow, not obeying his orders seemed more frightening than risking being seen. "Yes, sir," she said seriously, and began turning the laptop so that it faced the door."Don't take too long, now. We only have so much time and I do want you to reach climax before we're done for the night," she heard him say in his usual tone as she shuffled to the door and opened it. Darkness lay outside of the door, although it was still lit somewhat by the light trickling in through the windows and from the lamp in her own room. She went into that darkness, knowing that her master was watching as she did so.Taking care to be quiet, she continued moving at her forced pace, in search of the thing that she knew would be there. Her mom knitted as a hobby, so there was a box of yarn in the living room. However, as she entered the room, a memory came back to her, drawing a whispered expletive from her lips. Her mom had moved your knitting supplies to her bedroom about four days ago. She should have remembered that earlier. As she made her way to her parent's bedroom, a chill began to run down her spine. Within her mind there was chaos as she tried and failed to think of something else that her master would find acceptable. It was useless- only the yarn came to mind. Going into her parent's room as she was made her feel ashamed and terrified, and yet she could think of doing nothing else. She stopped at the door to take a deep breath before opening it as slowly as she could. Not that the hinges cared- Stacie was certain that even her master was able to hear the deathly creak of them. She watched her parents, hoping against hope that they wouldn't wake up. To her relief, neither of them seemed to have noticed her entry.She breathed out in relief and made her way to her mom's box. She quickly measured out about three feet of yarn- she figured that it ought to be plenty and prepared to cut it when she heard a noise behind her. Her head snapped around to see her father's face. His eyes were closed, though- he'd simply rolled onto his side in his sleep. Still, Stacie couldn't help thinking that if he just opened his eyes, he'd see her. What would he think? How would he feel? Angry? Ashamed? Disappointed? Or maybe aroused? Would the sight of his teenage daughter's naked form turn him on? Trying to put these thoughts out of her head, Stacie quickly cut off the length that she'd drawn, closed the box, and left- the hinges did not betray her again.With that hurdle cleared, she went into the connected garage that was also her dad's toolshed. It was simple to get the steel ruler hanging from the wall and return to her room. When she came through the door, she heard his voice again. "Welcome back. And I see we have a visitor. Don't turn around. Come. Show me your finds."The quality of her webcam wasn't high enough to see her expression, but he could imagine it. At least the way that she stiffened was still visible to him. A few steps later he could see the moment that she realized exactly who had followed her. The tension drifted from her all at once. "So what's its name?" he asked."He's Casper, sir," she said, regarding the large akita silently following her. The dog must have heard her sneaking around and decided to follow her."Named after the ghost, I'd assume. While you're up, take your measurements and then type them down. Chest, waist, hips, height, and weight. Don't speak them.""Yes, sir," she said, and submitted her info in full about four minutes later, only stalled when she noticed, as she was measuring her hips, that her pussy juice was actually starting to run down her leg.Me: B34/29/38 5'4" 128 lbsShe waited until he spoke again. She knew that if she moved without permission, he'd find some way to punish her again. "Okay, then. Have a seat. I think you've earned the right to give yourself nice."Her smile was a pleasure to see. She bowed to him. "Thank you, Master," she said warmly, and took her seat. She wasn't the only one to move, though. Casper also got up from where he'd sat down and rested his head on her mattress, staring at her. She looked back at him. Even though he was a dog, she still felt uncomfortable with him watching her."Don't be cruel, Stacie. Give him a taste," her master said. She wasn't looking at the screen, but she could hear his smile. It wasn't a big thing- just a little taste of the flood coming from between her legs- but it felt wrong. Casper was her pet, so the idea seemed almost like incest to her. She did have lines that she didn't want to cross. However, it wasn't something big enough to forsake her master for. She reached between her legs and gathered some juice on her fingers. The speed at which Casper lapped up the film was surprising, and as he continued to lick her hand clean her gaze moved up to the opened door."Master, may I please close the door before I masturbate?" she asked. She was so hot, she was sure that her parents would hear her moans.He seemed to have the same thoughts. "No. But you may take off your panties. Use them as a gag. And make sure you don't cum until I tell you to.""Of course, sir," she said. She couldn't argue if she'd wanted to. She'd walked into that on her own. Without another thought, she pulled her panties off and stuck them into her mouth. The act grounded her, and made her feel more comfortable. Her last master had liked to see her use her wet panties as a gag as well, and she did enjoy her own taste. Suitably muted and with Casper out of her mind, she began rubbing her cunt, building a rhythm. The only interruption came when her master suggested that she rub her nipples as well. She obeyed instantly, her mind focused entirely on causing herself more pleasure. Her moans increased as she began cresting the height of her pleasure. "Maftuh! Peaf!" she begged.Her eyes sought him out, and found his cold, passive face. She saw no sympathy there. "Not yet. Don't slow down." Obediently, she continued, concentrating her efforts on holding the orgasm that was slowly taking over her mind. After another two minutes, she was thoughtless, bucking her hips into the air. All she had was her pleasure and her master's last command. Her moans no longer had meaning behind them apart from pure lust. "Cum for me," her master said, seeing her reach her limit. Almost immediately, she obeyed. Her body went rigid as waves of pleasure shot through her. By the time it had finished, she was immobile from exhaustion."Don't forget to close your door," she heard as she lay in the afterglow of her orgasm. "Sweet dreams, my pet."-MercilessHound666 has signed off-


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