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Chapter twoPatty watched as James collapsed on the bed, breathing deeply as if asleep. She looked at his cum-covered crotch and still-bobbing cock with longing. Her body felt like electricity was flowingthrough it – she had never felt such desire flooding her loins. She walked in a daze as she returned to her room only long enough to grab her body sponge and vibrator, and made her way to the shower.She shivered as the water hit her skin and ran down her body – every sensation sent tingles up and down her back. Patty stood under the shower-head enjoying the feeling of the steaming hot water flowing, carrying gobs of her step-son’s juice down her chest and legs. Grabbing her body-wash, she lathered up the sponge and began soaping up her arms and legs, taking care to avoid her sensitive tits and crotch as she washed.Convinced that she was clean, Patty put down her sponge and picked up her shampoo. She loved its scent of fresh strawberries, and usually used it not only for the hair on her head, but her neatly shaven pubes as well. Patty turned the shower head away so that the spray hit the wall as she opened the bottle and squeezed a handful of the thick, clear red liquid into her hands. Instead of her hair, she started rubbing it all over her huge breasts, squeezing more liquid out of the bottle to ensure her large tits were coated. Her nipples pointed out from her chest as if giving a salute while Patty rubbed them up and down with her hands, occasionally pinching them between her fingers.After a few minutes, she turned the shower head back toward her chest, continuing to massage her tits as the foam started streaming down her stomach. As it reached her wet slit, she began rubbing her hand delicately back and forth over her crotch. With her free hand, Patty flipped her vibrator on the lowest setting and starting making circles around her pointed nipples. Even the mild vibration of the toy, along with her increasingly rapid rubbing, was enough to make her weak in the knees. The hot water from the faucet didn’t keep Patty from noticing how hot and wet her aching pussy was – she could probably fit a Coke bottle down there with all the lube her pussy was producing.Patty turned up the vibrator to the max. As amusing as the idea of a Coke bottle was, there was only one thing at the moment that she wanted inside her wet hole – James’ spewing cock. With that thought in her head, she shoved the buzzing toy all the way deep inside of her twitching pussy in one swift motion. “Ohhhhhhh - FUCK!” she screamed to the air as her knees gave way under her and she dropped into her bathtub, her entire midsection shuddering as she sprayed cum everywhere. The vibrator popped out of her pussy, buzzing as it hummed against the bathtub floor. Turning it off, she flung it out of the tub and heard it rattle on the floor as tingles ran up and down her body. She couldn’t believe how hard she had orgasmed. Moreover, until today, she had never sprayed cum before. Ten minutes later, Patty trusted her legs enough to rise from the shower floor, gather her things from the bathroom and then bury herself under the sheets of her bed.---Even though it was Saturday, Patty got up at her usual ungodly hour in the morning. After doing her morning stretches in the living room (to keep herself nice and flexible), she walked upstairs to check on her children. Standing outside of Angie’s room, she could hear the TV (probably left on since last night, thought Patty) but no movement. She trembled slightly as she moved from Angie’s door and made her way down to James’ room. Again, his door was slightly ajar as she stealthily approached his room. She needn’t have worried – she could hear light snoring emanating from behind the door. Pushing it open slightly, she peeked inside to look at James’ sleeping form. He was buried under his covers, with no trace of the mess they created last night. Patty thought she could see a slight smile on his face as he slept. As she stepped out of the doorway and gently clicked his door shut, Patty thought to herself, “I haven’t seen him look that content since he was a child.”He was a child… All of a sudden, the enormity of the act Patty committed made her flush with shame. It was true that James was not her blood son, but Patty had raised him as such. The ache in Patty’s pussy had gotten her in trouble before, but until yesterday it had never affected her family life. And now, she had opened a Pandora’s Box that she didn’t know how to close. How was she going to look James in the eye as a mother again? Tears began to form in her eyes as she walked down the kitchen to start cooking. She was grateful she would have a solid hour to compose herself before her children rose and joined her for breakfast.---In the hour that it took for James and Angie awaken, Patty experienced a plethora of emotions – from remorse, to feeling hot and dirty, back to anger and self loathing, then physical desire, and finally acceptance of what had happened. As she starting thinking more rationally about the situation, she decided that she needed to confront James today about last night and set him straight about the nature of their relationship. Having come to a decision about her situation, Patty started to feel better about the whole thing. She actually sang to herself as she fried bacon in the pan:I heard he sang a good songI heard he had a styleAnd so I came to see him and listen for a whileAnd there he was, this young boy… Patty became mildly disturbed and stopped singing. A short time later, Angie came bounding down the staircase, followed minutes later by James, stretching and yawning like a jungle lion. He still had a contented look on his face, but as he glanced at his mother to reply to her “Good morning young man,人妻无码一区二区三区四区” he found himself blushing and shuffling quickly to his seat beside Angie, managing to mumble a “g’morning mom.”Usually, Saturday was Patty’s morning to catch up with her kids’ progress in school, and ask them questions about their friends and personal life. It wasn’t like that today – everybody sat silently as they munched on grits, cheesy scrambled eggs and bacon with buttered biscuits. Patty was painfully aware of the silence, but as she looked over at Angie (and observed with amusement that she was wolfing down her plate), Angie didn’t show any sign that anything was out of the ordinary.Fifteen minutes after Angie sat down at the table, her plate was empty and sitting in the dishwasher. Walking behind her mom’s chair, she gave Patty a big bear hug (causing her tits to bulge out of the v-neck t-shirt she was wearing), exclaiming, “That was delicious, mom!Can I get a ride to Chloe’s house please? We have a school project to work on together, and it’s due next week.”Patty was happy to drop Angie off; she knew that Chloe was a good kid (and had been good friends with Angie since 5th grade), and also she wouldn’t mind having Angie out of the house so she could relax for a while. “No problem kiddo. Since I’m going out, do you need a ride anywhere, James?” asked Patty as she turned to him.“No, thank you,” James responded, still focused on his plate. “You go ahead and drive Angie. I’ll take care of the dishes for you.” Patty looked at him with surprise – kitchen cleaning was his most hated chore. She usually had to pull teeth to get him to mop the floor, or even clean his own plates. In spite of that, Patty didn’t press him. She Saran-wrapped her plate and left it on stove (because she had only been pushing the food around on her plate anyway), and prepared to drive Angie across town.Twenty minutes later, Patty was finally ready to drive Angie to North Cambridge. She had to send Angie back inside twice, the latter time sending her with the threat of choosing her clothing for her (“You are not a cow showing off your udders, young lady – you cover yourself!”) As they drove, Angie updated Patty on the gossip of Angie’s friends, and friends of friends, and acquaintances to the nth degree. Patty didn’t pay much attention beyond giving the standard “Yup…uh huh…oh really?” as required. She was occupied with the conversation she would have with James when she returned home. After dropping Angie off with a kiss and eliciting a promise to be safe, Patty turned her full attention to her situation at home. She went through several different scenarios in her head, trying to prepare for any objections or questions he might have. She was working hard to keep focused, but every now and then the image of his erupting cock would pop into her head. She remembered how hard she had come thinking about that manly cock and the gallons of cum stored in his balls. Patty swerved to avoid a biker directly in her path – he shouted and raised a fist as she drove by. Shocked and embarrassed, Patty chastised herself and focused on her driving the rest of the way back to Quincy.“I need to go out and have some fun this weekend,” Patty thought to herself as she entered her house and hung the keys by the door. She already had a game plan. Patty owned a matching black-silk panties and bra set that she wore with a stunning form-fitting white dress. The dress was thin enough to allow the panty and bra lines to tease the eyes of eager gentlemen. Patty rarely wore this outfit; normally when she went out man-hunting (which wasn’t as often as she liked), she moved very cautiously, only giving out her real name and number to sure bets. There was only one reason Patty went out in this dress; she wanted to find the hottest guy in the room and take him home for a long, hard bang. It was the only solution she could think of to help her stop thinking about James’ cock.Patty slid past James’ room (and thumping hip hop music) and glided into hers, locking the door behind her. She walked to the far side of her bed where she had placed a small dresser. On the top of the dresser there stood various fragrances and lotions, while the inside contained undergarments for special occasions – Patty had always believed in being prepared for any situation. She removed the silk panties from the bottom drawer, laying them flat on her bed. She rummaged inside the top drawer for 5 minutes before she realized that the black bra was missing.“Where would I have put that bra? I know I went and got it from the cleaners 2 days ago,” thought Patty as she looked around the room. Her eyes detected something out of place; two perfume bottles were tilted onto the lotion bottles in front of them. Patty knew that she’d never leave those bottles in that position; they were far too expensive to risk spilling. Suddenly, suspicion hit her. Someone had gone into her room without her knowledge. Patty wasn’t worried about what her children would find in her room. After all, they used to walk around in their birthday suits, so there weren’t too many secrets between them, until now. Patty was anxious because there could only be 3 explanations. One – she misplaced her bra. This wasn’t possible – she remembered savoring that warm, newly-clean smell before folding them and placing them in the top drawer. Two – Angie wanted to see what a grown woman’s undergarments look like. This was a flattering idea for Patty. Her daughter wanted to be as sexy as she was, although that in itself could bring a headache’s worth of problems. The third possibility bothered her, and there was a good chance of it being true. James had taken her silken bra, and was using it for his own purposes.----Please leave comments!


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