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past my taint国内精品精品

The Futa Fairy – Futa Forbidden WishChapter Two: Keily's Futa MenageBy mypenname3000Copyright 2017“I am a futa!”My exuberant scream echoed through the halls of Washington College, my school. My shoes smacked on the linoleum as my new futa-dick bounced before me. The fleshy shaft thrust from below my skirt, bunched around my waist, and my above tights, bunched around my upper thighs. Precum flicked from the tip as I raced forward, my heart beating with such excitement.“The futa-fairy gave me a gift!” I howled. “It's amazing!”I darted past classes in session, students oblivious to the fact that I was now awesome. I shuddered, my pussy on fire, my auburn pigtails dancing behind me as I ran with all my effort towards my destination: my older sister's class.She wasn't the only futa in the family. Of course, she was a futa at night while I was a futa at day thanks to a bunch of complicated magic stuff. But that didn't really matter. I could fuck her now. Breed her! “We'll both be pregnant!” I howled. “Because I'm a futa, too!”My words echoed back at me as I hit the stairs, taking them too at a time. My cock really bounced now, smacking up into my bunched up skirts. I gripped it, groaning at the strain on my new dick transformed from my little clit.I savored the throbbing warmth of my thick cock in my hand. Long and wide. I finally had something developed about me. Even though I just turned nineteen, I had no tits, just little budding mounds. My hips were slim, my body short. I was only 5'0” because of my shoes. But now I had a futa-dick as big as they could come.My sister would squeal on it.Such breathless excitement to reach Deidre and show her my amazing futa-gift surged through me. I reached the second floor, hesitating for just a moment. Mr. Yancy's class lay to the...right.I darted in that direction, stroking my dick as I hustled through the halls. My cock ached and throbbed. I smeared precum down my shaft. The tip throbbed whenever I brushed it. So sensitive, like my clit times a million-billion.I rubbed my thumb across the spongy crown, squealed my delight.“I love being a futa!”I found Mr. Yancy's classroom and ripped open the door. I burst in. All the girls lifted their heads from their textbooks, glancing at me. Their eyes widened with surprise at the sight of my petite body sporting a huge futa-dick.“And so you can see how when we plug cosine into the value for X,” droned Mr. Yancy, not even aware of my intrusion.I loved futa-fairy magic!“Deidre, I'm a futa!” I shouted, spotting my sister sitting in the back, her fiery hair framing her freckled face, her blue eyes widening in shock as she stared at me. I darted down the side of the classroom, the girls turning their heads to stare at me. “Look, look!”I stopped before my sister's desk, shaking my futa-dick at her.“Isn't it so awesome!”“Holy shit, Deidre,” she said, staring at it. “You... It was the other one, right? Not Leanan Sidhe?”I nodded my head. “And B said we'd breed each other. That we'd both be pregnant together. You're going to have my baby, and I'm going to have yours! Isn't that so awesome?”I trembled, waiting for my sister's enthusiasm as she stared at my dick. A nervous twinge washed through me as she didn't immediately cheer for joy. I licked my lips, her blue eyes wide, her face looked like a guy who just got kicked in the balls.And then she moaned, “Yes!”My sister seized my face with her eager hands. She gripped me, pulling me down towards a kiss. Her mouth planted on mine. She thrust her tongue into my mouth. I shuddered, closing my eyes, melting into our incestuous kiss. Our tongues fenced, caressed.My futa-dick throbbed, my pussy aching.“That is so hot,” moaned Rosa, a Hispanic girl sitting nearby. “Like watching Lana kiss her mother.”“Yes,” Lana Teller moaned from nearby. “Ooh, Mom and I love kissing after we've blown Cassie.”I giggled, breaking the kiss. Everyone knew that Lana and her hot, MILF mother dated Cassie, one of the futa-cheerleaders. Lana's mom dumped her loser husband for the hot futa next door, and Lana joined the fun. I heard their slumber parties can be wild.“Wow,” my sister said, grabbing my dick. “You are hung, little sis. This is awesome.”I nodded. “Math is boring. Let's fuck.”“Oh, yes, you have to fuck your little sister,” Lana moaned. “Two futas in the family. Your mother will be so lucky.”I grinned. Our mother regularly joined my sister and me in bed. It was so hot sharing our mother with each other. I couldn't wait to fuck her, too. Ooh, we'd have to pull a surprise, give her quite a shock like the time she caught us fucking on the couch during movie night.“Yes, I need this cock in me,” Deidre moaned and kissed me again.And then our hands were attacking each other's clothing. The boys kept listening to their math teacher's dumb lecture, unaware two hot girls, one a sexy futa, were stripping naked and about to fuck. My pussy dripped juices as my sweater came off, rubbing on my little nipples. Deidre cupped my small breasts, giving them a squeeze before reaching for my skirt.I pulled her sweater off, pressing my face into her round breasts. I loved the feel of her silky tits rubbing on my cheeks. I breathed in her scent, smelling so sweet. I kissed and nuzzled, our hands shoving down our skirts and tights. I groaned, my dick bending as my sister hauled off my skirt. Then my shaft sprang free, hurtled upward, and smacked right into her pussy covered by her downy pubic hair.“Keily!” gasped my sister, rubbing her hot cunt on my dick.My first pussy. It was so right that it belonged to my sister. I loved her so much. Yes, we had fun with other futas and girls, even our mother, but our hearts belonged to each other. Ever since she took my cherry, maybe even before then, I'd loved her. And she loved me.I found her nipple, sucking on it as I wiggled my hips, fucking my cock along her wet pussy. Her silky pubic hair tickled my shaft, her juices smearing over it. I groaned, my hands gripping her now naked ass. I mewled on her nub, pleasure rippling through me.“Keily, what a naughty little sister. And you're so hung. Mmm, we're going to have so much fun.”I only moaned around her nipple, not wanting to let go.“This is so hot,” Rosa purred. “Ooh, Lana, yes, finger my twat.”“Better than math,” Lana laughed.Other girls moaned their agreement.I just shuddered, Juices dripping down my thighs. The delicious slide of my dick against my sister's hot snatch, her thighs pressing tight around my girth, sent pleasure rippling through my pussy. I groaned, the ache building at the tip of my dick.Then Deidre backed away. She grabbed me, her pussy slipping away from my dick, and pushed me back down onto her desk. She ripped off my tights bunched around my ankles and spread my thighs apart. She licked her lips, leaning in a and gasping.“There's cum dribbling out of your asshole!” Deidre arched an eyebrow.“I think someone has Ms. Marcie right now,” moaned Lana. “Ooh, Rosa, yes, I like that. Keep massaging my clit.”“Yep,” I nodded. “That's my futa-teacher's spunk. She fucked me so hard I passed out and met the futa-fairy.”“Wicked,” my sister moaned. Then she leaned in and nuzzled between my butt-cheeks. I groaned, her hands pushing up my legs so she could get in there easier. She lapped through my butt-crack, gathering the futa-spunk. “Ooh, yes, lick my asshole.”She did, swiping her tongue across my sphincter, gathering the futa-jizz staining my bowels. Then she climbed up through my crack, past my taint, and dove through the folds of my pussy. I squealed, my dick twitching and bobbing before me as the rapture surged through me.Then she dove back into my butt-crack, gathering more of the cum leaking out of me. My toes curled as my feet waved in the air. I groaned, spotting Rosa and Lana fingering each other, both licking their lips as they watched.My sister's tongue dragged up through my pussy again. She teased my folds. But this time she didn't stop. She reached my cock and kept climbing. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head as she rose and rose.My dick twitched.“Deidre!” I moaned.Her silky, fiery hair spilled about my stomach as she journeyed for the tip. I gasped when she reached it. Her tongue fluttered around it, stroking my new, sensitive crown. Pleasure shot down my cock to my pussy. My snatch and asshole both clenched, forcing out more cum from my bowels.I bucked and spasmed, believing this couldn't get better. And then she engulfed my dick. Ms. Marcie sucked my cock when it first sprouted, but I was still coming out of the rapture of my dream, of growing a dick, to fully comprehend what I experienced.Now I did.My sister's mouth locked about my dick. She sucked hard. My body bucked. My pussy boiled. Pleasure surged through me. Her suction reached down into my pussy, touching two aching points inside of me.My ovaries.“Deidre!” I squealed at the top of my voice. “Oh, my god, that's amazing. You're sucking my futa-dick.”“She is,” moaned Lana. “Ooh, I love sucking Cassie's.”“Me, too,” groaned Rosa. “Damn, Keily, your cock looks so huge on you.”“She's so tiny.”I just moaned, shuddering on the desk, my pigtails swaying behind me. My sister sucked and bobbed her mouth. She loved my cock. Her blue eyes stared up at me, burning with such rapture as she bobbed her mouth. She twisted her mouth, stirring her dick around in her mouth, rubbing the tip on the roof, against her cheeks. Her tongue danced and caressed.Everything she did made my ovaries ache more. The futa-cum wanted to escape, to flood her mouth and drown her in girl-jizz. I wanted that so badly, too. I ached for it. I trembled, whimpering as the pleasure surged through me.“Deidre!” I moaned, my small tits jiggling. “I'm going to cum!”She sucked harder, bobbing her mouth. Her blue eyes stared up at me, twinkling with her desire. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. All the eyes on me, watching me tremble and gasp. Pleasure rippled through my nineteen-year-old body.“Yes!” I howled and came.“Flood her mouth, Keily!” Lana moaned.Jizz spurted hot from my dick. Every blast sent a spasm of rapture through my body. The desk creaked as I bucked and twitched. My pussy spasmed. Juices flooded out of my snatch, staining my thighs as ecstasy drowned my mind. Two different delights all firing at the same time, engulfing my mind in rapture.I loved it. I hugged the pleasure to me, embracing it as I bucked and spasmed on the desk. Such wondrous delight washed through me. The powerful eruptions from my cock, so much more immediate than the rapture I was familiar with.My eyes fluttered. I groaned. “Deidre!”The final spasm racked my body as the last spurt of cum flooded her mouth. She pulled her mouth off my girl-cock, opening wide. My pearly futa-jizz swam around her pink tongue. She swirled it around, arching eyebrows.I sat up on the desk, seizing my sister's face, and planted a hot kiss on the mouth. My tongue dove into her mouth, tasting the salt of my girl-cum for the first time. My body quivered, still trembling from my orgasm, as I savored my taste. Such a delicious flavor. I swirled it through my mouth, an ambrosia that had me trembling and groaning.Our tongues caressed each other. I shivered, my heart thudding in my chest as we snowballed the jizz back and forth. It coated my tongue in salty goodness. I trembled, my pussy burning with the excitement of our kiss.Then she broke it, grinning at me. “Well, sis, you loved that.”“So much,” I groaned, panting. “Ooh, that was awesome. I can't believe you held all that cum in your mouth.”“It's so good.” she said then stood up. She backed up to Lana's desk, empty since its owner and Rosa shuddered nearby, cumming on each other's fingers. My sister hopped onto the desk, spreading her thighs. A bright bush, soaked with her juices, waited. “But I need cum right here.”She pointed at her pussy.“I need to be bred by my little futa-sister!”A great cheer rose through the watching girls. Someone smacked my ass as I hopped off the desk. I grinned, heading forward, my cock bobbing before me. I trembled, so eager to be in my sister. For the next few weeks, we were both nineteen. Soon, she'd be twenty, truly older than me again. But right now I felt her equal.My sister grabbed my cock, stroking it with her fingers. Her round breasts heaved, her nipples so pink and hard. I licked my lips, trembling. This was truly happening. My passionate wish come true, granted by the futa-fairy.Thank you, B.“Mmm, I want this cock in me,” Deidre purred. “My little sister is hung.”“She's going to stretch out your pussy,” Lana moaned.“Fuck your big sis,” Rosa said. “Get that cock buried in her twat right now. She needs it.”“So badly,” Deidre moaned. “Look at how wet I am.”“So wet,” I grinned, proud that I drove my sister wild with passion. Now she dripped with it. I shivered, approaching her.I rubbed my cock into her pussy. I slid it up and down her slit. I groaned, the pleasure rippling through me. I savored the silky heat of her flesh. Her pubic hair tickled me. Wet pussy lips beckoned, begging for my dick to penetrate them.For my first taste of a girl's pussy.“You'll love it,” Deidre beamed.“I will!” I beamed and thrust.My eyes widened as my cock buried into my sister's pussy in a single thrust. My crotch smacked into hers as her snatch engulfed my dick. Pleasure shot down my cock. I buried into a silky, hot, wet paradise. My body shuddered, a moan rising out of my throat.“I think she likes it,” giggled Lana.“Oh, yes,” Rosa purred. “That is a look of pure rapture. Ooh, I wish I were a futa. I want that rapture.”“It's awesome!” I groaned, my dick twitching in her pussy. Her sheath rippled around me as she twitched, her breasts bobbing.“And you feel amazing in me,” my sister smiled, licking her lips. “So what are you waiting on? Fuck me, little sis.”I cupped her round breasts, squeezing them, and moaned, “Yes!”The girls cheered again, drowning out Mr. Yancy droning on about boring stuff. This was far more important. Hot pussy wrapped around my girl-dick. My sister's hot pussy. I shuddered, my hips drawing back my cock, sliding through her tight depths.Rapture washed through me. I groaned, my pussy clenching and my toes curling. Juices flooded down my sides as I savored this amazing feeling. I loved it. My dick's tip drank in the silky caresses of her cunt, her juices glistening on the shaft.My fingers dug into her firm tits as I thrust forward. The desk creaked. My sister groaned, her thighs wrapping about my waist. She gripped me, whimpering in delight as she enjoyed my futa-dick in her.“Oh, god, Keily,” gasped Deidre, her voice so throaty. “I never imagined you'd have a dick. It's awesome. I love you so much.”“I love you, too,” I panted, drawing back my hips, my cock sliding through her pussy. I thrust. “You're the best.”She grinned at me. “Mmm, and things are about to get even hotter.”I had no idea what she meant until I drew back my hips again. Something brushed my ass. It felt like a...“Ms. Marcie!” I gasped as a futa-dick pressed between my butt-cheeks, following my thrust forward as I buried into my sister's twat.”“Mmm, yes,” she groaned. “I've been observing. You think you can run out on my class with that beautiful cock and I wouldn't follow.”I drew back my hips, my futa-teacher's dick pressing on my puckered asshole again. I groaned, my sphincter widening, swallowing her cock as I pulled out of my sister's cunt. I shuddered, being filled. My bowels stretched around her dick.Hot pleasure flowed out of my asshole into my pussy and then into girl-dick. I gasped, thrusting forward. As I fucked my sister's pussy, I fucked my asshole up and down my futa-teacher's dick. She hugged me, her large tits rubbing on my shoulder blades, her nipples so hard. I worked my asshole up and down her shaft as I pumped away at my sister's incestuous twat. “That is so hot!” Lana moaned. “Like watching Cassie and Kimmie performing during a game.”“Oh, yes,” Rosa moaned. “Mmm, look at Keily's cute ass just swallowing that monster cock.”“It must be so hot,” Deidre moaned, her pussy clenching down my dick as I buried into her pussy.“It feels so hot,” I whimpered, my bowels tightening on Ms. Marcie's girl-cock as I slid my asshole down it. “Oh, wow.”My teacher's hands covered my small tits, massaging my little nipples. “Just keep fucking that sister. Breed her and we'll all cum together.”“Yes!” Deidre hissed. “Breed me.”I groaned, my pussy and asshole both squeezing down. Juices flooded out of my cunt, the friction in my asshole growing hotter. The fire raging in my bowels met the heat pouring out of my cock as I fucked my sister's wet furnace.My head swayed. Dizzy delight rippled through me. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. To fuck and be fucked. To have a dick spearing my asshole while I pumped away at my sister's cunt. I groaned, the pressure building in my ovaries, boiled by the dual delights rippling through my body.“I'm going to fire so much cum into you,” I moaned, squeezing my sister's firm tits. “You're going to be bred a dozen times. You'll just keep getting pregnant.”“I love it!” she moaned, bucking her hips into my thrusts. Our flesh smacked together, her pussy growing so hot around my dick. The desk creaked, rocking as I fucked her hard.“Ooh, yes, breed your sister,” moaned the futa-teacher.And then she rammed her hips forward. I gasped, her crotch smacking into my ass and driving my cock hard into my sister's pussy. Deidre yelped at the sudden intrusion. Her body bucked, rapture bursting out of her mouth.My bowels clenched hard on my futa-teacher's dick. She buried every inch of her girl-cock in me. As she withdrew, I followed her, pulling out of my sister's pussy. I shuddered as she thrust again, driving me into my sister's futa-pussy.“Breed her!” the other girls cheered.“Yes, yes, breed me,” moaned my sister. “I want to carry your baby, Keily. I want our daughters to grow up together! Grow up to be lovers!”Her words hit me hard. I groaned, my entire body convulsing at the naughty idea. My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned, thrusting so hard, ramming my girl-dick hard and fast into my sister's pussy as Ms. Marcie fucked my asshole just as hard.My bowels ached and throbbed, taking her big futa-dick reaming me. Pleasure shot from my asshole to the tip of my girl-cock, passing through my boiling pussy. Juices flooded down my thighs, coating my flesh in my enticement as my body drank in the two different sensations.Fucking and being fucked. Amazing. I loved it.“Yes, yes,熟妇人妻久久中文字幕 yes, I'm going to breed my sister!” I screamed.“Yes, you are,” panted Ms. Marcie. “B keeps her word. You're going to fire your cum into your sister's fertile depths. You're going to plant a futa-baby in her womb. You're both going to swell so round. Ooh, I can't wait.”“Me either,” gasped Deidre.My sister's pussy went wild about my plunging cock. She bucked and moaned, her body heaving on the desk, breasts jiggling before me. It rattled, her arms embracing it. My crotch smacked into hers as I plowed her cumming snatch. I grabbed her tits, holding them, loving their pliant feel.Her twat massaged my cock, hungry for my futa-cum. My pussy clenched, dizzy delight shivering through me. Ms. Marcie plowed her shaft hard into my asshole, driving me so deep into my sister's convulsing sheath.“Deidre!” I gasped, pinned to her by Ms. Marcie's frantic thrusts. She plunged her dick in and out of my bowels so fast now, caught up in the lust. I bent over my sister, her pussy writhing about my dick, providing all the stimulation I needed. Our breasts brushed, our nipples kissing. “I love you!”“Love you, baby sis!”I came.Rapture exploded through my body. My cum fired from my girl-dick into my sister's pussy for the first time. But it wouldn't be the last time. Not by a long shot. My eyes rolled back into my head. My body convulsed, swaying between my futa-teacher and my wonderful sister.Her pussy sucked at my cock, pulling out all the girl-jizz from my ovaries. Each powerful eruption spasmed my body. Dizzy waves washed through my mind, caressing my thoughts with euphoric ecstasy. I squeaked and gasped, drinking it in, my bowels writhing about Ms. Marcie's cock.“Oh, yes, that's so hot,” moaned my teacher. “A futa breeding her sister. I love it!”She rammed her huge dick into my bowels. Hot friction burned through me, fueling another spurting orgasm. More fertile futa-seed flooded my sister's cunt. And I knew right then and there I had bred her. That my cum had found its way to her womb.Ms. Marcie erupted into my asshole. Her cum spurted into me, filling me for a second time this morning. Only I was a futa this time. I shivered, delighting in that as the pleasure rose to my brain. I drank it in.“Oh, that is so hot!” Rosa panted.“Uh-huh,” panted Lana. “Ooh, yes. Lick my fingers clean of your naughty juices.”I blinked, my orgasm crashing down as the last spurt of jizz flooded my bowels. Lana and Rosa fed each other their fingers. Their tongues licked their own juices off of them. Other girls writhed in passion, some licking another's pussies, others fingering cunts or assholes. One girl had her face buried between large, pillowy tits, frigging her own cunt as she reveled in them.And the boys kept listening to the math lecture. One even asked a question, oblivious to the two girls kissing next to him.I giggled, which turned into a groan as Ms. Marcie pulled her futa-dick out of my asshole. Her cum flooded out of my well-fucked sphincter, dribbling across my taint to my bush. Then it ran thick down my thighs.“Mmm, your sister got my cock dirty, so you need to clean it off,” Ms. Marcie purred, walking around the desk, one hand grasping her futa-dick. She brandished it at Deidre. “Just suck it clean.”“Yes, Ms. Marcie,” my sister purred, her cum-filled pussy squeezing on my dick.I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing in her snatch as I watched. My sister leaned all the way back, hanging her head off the end of the desk. She opened her mouth wide and sucked on Ms. Marcie's dick, cleaning off my sour musk. I shivered, licking my lips, wanting to feast myself.Then I ripped my girl-cock out of my sister's pussy and fell to my knees. I knew that only one sperm out of the millions I fired into her snatch were needed to fertilize her egg. So there was plenty of excess cum for me to enjoy.Deidre squealed when I buried my face into her messy cunt. I lapped through her folds, enjoying her spicy musk mixed with my salty cum. Her cream and my girl-jizz coated my tongue, more dribbling down my chin. She writhed, her breasts jiggling before me.“Mmm, yes, lick your sister clean,” purred Ms. Marcie, her large tits swaying as she enjoyed Deidre's mouth. “It makes her moan so wickedly about my cock.”“I'll make her scream on your futa-cock, Ms. Marcie,” I promised and buried my face into my sister's twat.“Such a dear,” groaned the futa-teacher.My tongue danced through my sister's folds. I lapped up my jizz and her cream while she squirmed, her tits heaving. Her fiery bush tickled my lips and chins. I knew this twat so well. I'd eaten it so many times, whether she had her futa-cock or not, over the last six months.I savored the incestuous thrill of loving my sister. Nothing made me happier.My dick throbbed before me, aching for another cum, but I ignored it, concentrating on my sister's twat. I licked and lapped up all my jizz I could find, then plunged into the depths of her snatch, searching for more of my salty treat.“So who should suck her cock, and who gets to lick the futa-teacher's cum out of her ass?” Lana asked.“Dibs on her ass!” Rosa shouted.“I'm fine with that,” Lana groaned.I shivered as the two older girls, both sophomores like my sister, fell to their knees around me. Lana's hot mouth engulfed the tip of my cock, tasting my sister's spicy cream as she sucked hard. I groaned, my dick throbbing and aching. My asshole clenched, forcing out more of Ms. Marcie's girl-cum.Right into Rosa's lapping mouth.I groaned into my sister's pussy, savoring the long, slow drag of Rosa's tongue licking up from my pussy, through my taint, and into my butt-crack. She gathered Ms. Marcie's futa-jizz on her way to my asshole.When she reached it, I moaned into my sister's spicy pussy. Rosa swirled her tongue about my asshole, lapping out the cum bubbling out of the depths of my bowels. I shuddered, my futa-dick throbbing in Lana's mouth.“Oh, my god, Deidre,” I moaned, my pussy clenching, juices dribbling down my thighs. “Having a futa-cock is awesome.”My sister just moaned in agreement, mouth still wrapped about Ms. Marcie's dick, cleaning me off that thick shaft.“It is,” groaned Ms. Marcie. “I'm so thrilled B gifted you. Every girl in college's going to be so jealous.”“So jealous,” Rosa moaned before she plunged her tongue into my asshole.I squeaked, my eyes widening. Her tongue swirled through my bowels, gathering more futa-cum. Rough delight rippled through my pussy and up my cock to the tip aching in Lana's sucking mouth. The girl, her head tilted to the side, moaned about my girl-dick, bobbing her head. Hot, wet rapture swirled around my shaft.I loved having a futa-dick.Pleasure rippled through me. I groaned, my entire body shaking. Such wicked delight surged through me. My pussy tingled. And then Lana's fingers found it. I shivered, three pleasures rippling through me as her delicate fingers probed into my pussy, sliding into my wet depths.I squeezed down on them, moaning into my sister's snatch. I thrust my tongue deep into Deidre's cunt, my pussy tingling, my asshole aching, my dick throbbing. Lana and Rose drove me wild, stars dancing across my eyes as another orgasm built in me.“Mmm, yes, lick your sister's ass off my cock,” purred Ms. Marcie. “I'm going to give you a belly full of futa-cum.”“Do it!” I moaned between licks of spicy cunt. “Flood her mouth. She always loves her own cum licked out of my pussy.”“What futa doesn't?” laughed Ms. Marcie.“It's awesome!” I panted, then I sucked on my sister's clit.Deidre squealed about my futa-teacher's cock. Her hips wiggled. Her clit throbbed between my lips. I loved it. Her pubic hair tickled my cheeks. Her moans grew louder and louder. Then she let out a quivering moan.Juices gushed from her cunt.I loved making her squirt. I gulped down her juices, my dick throbbing, my pussy clenching on Lana's fingers. Rosa swirled her tongue through my asshole, whipping such delight through me. I groaned, trembling, my body on the verge of erupting.Then Lana curled her fingers. She rubbed along the top of my pussy wall, sucking so hard. My eyes widened as she found my G-spot. My head snapped back from my sister's twat. I let out a moaning shudder, my cunt clenching on Lana's fingers, my dick aching in her hungry mouth.“You naughty slut!” I howled. And came in the older girl's hungry mouth.My bowels clenched on Rosa's tongue, forcing more of my cum from deeper in my asshole. She sucked it out of me as I trembled. My pussy convulsed on Lana's fingers as she assaulted my G-spot, sending wave after wave of rapture through my body.But the real treat came from my cock.It erupted.“Shit!” I gasped. “Drink my cum, Lana! Drink it!”I loved shouting that, so thrilled to finally be a futa. My girl-dick unloaded. Hot jizz spurted into Lana's hungry mouth. She gulped it down, my juices flooding around her hand. I swayed on my knees, moaning, my body assaulted by triple raptures.Rosa sucked on my asshole, drawing out all the cum. I quivered, my small tits shaking. My auburn pigtails danced about my shoulder. Every blast of my cock sent another wonderful spasm through my body. I groaned.Girls cheered.“That's so hot.”“I wish I was a futa.”“Or that at least my sister was one.”“If my mom was one, I'd be fucking her day and night!”“Futas are so hot.”“Make me a futa, Miss Fairy! Please!”“Oh, god, yes,” Rosa moaned. “Mmm, you have a great ass, too, Keily.”“And cum,” Lana panted after popping her mouth off my dick. “You and your sister really need to come to my slumber parties. Cassie would be thrilled to have you.”“That sounds fun,” I panted, taking in deep breaths. “And your mom. Will she want me there?”Lana laughed. “The three of us love sharing cuties like you.” “Ooh, I need your cock in my ass now,” moaned my sister. “I want you in all my holes.”“Now that does sound naughty,” purred Ms. Marcie. “But I have an idea that's wild.”“What?” I asked, rising.“Two futa-cocks in her asshole. Officer Cindy and I've done it with our daughters' pussies, but I've wondered about assholes.”“Oh, my god,” moaned Deidre. “Yes, yes, yes, let's try it.”“That is so fucking wild,” groaned Lana.“You're thinking of having Cassie and Kimmie do it to you tonight during the slumber party,” Rosa panted.“Aren't you?”The Hispanic girl nodded.Ms. Marcie positioned us. She had my sister and I stretch out on the floor, my back pressed into Deidre's. I hugged her, the tip of my dick nestled against her tight sphincter. I know she's fucked Ms. Marcie before, so I knew she's taken a futa-cock back here. But two? I hoped it wouldn't hurt her.“You don't have to do this,” I whispered.“Oh, I want to,” she moaned. “It sounds so hot.”Ms. Marcie nestled down on the other side of my sister, her big boobs pillowing together. She guided her cock between my sister's thighs, her dick brushing mine. She had to come in at a weird angle, her legs entwined with mine, too, as we both pressed our dicks against my sister's asshole.“Ready?” she asked.“Do it!” moaned my sister.“Thrust!”I obeyed my teacher. The pair of us both thrust at the same moment. Our two dicks, pressed tight together, pushed on my sister's asshole. Deidre groaned, her body shivering, her asshole stretching and stretching and stretching.Our two dicks popped into her bowels.I shuddered, my eyes widening at the incredible delight, rough heat engulfing my dick. Her bowels pressed me tight against Ms. Marcie's futa-cock. Our shafts plunged deeper and deeper, the friction intense, so velvety hot. My eyes fluttered. I whimpered, pressing my face into Deidre's fiery hair, my nipples throbbing against her back.“Oh, my god, you're both in me!” my sister groaned, voice so throaty.“Shit, her ass is swallowing their dicks,” panted Lana. “I wish Cassie could see this.”“Uh-huh,” Rosa moaned.The other girls murmured in awe. I looked up at them watching, smiling at the boy still listening to the math lecture, unaware that the hottest sex act in the world happened only a foot from him. I shivered, driving my dick deeper into my sister's double-stuffed bowels.“Oh, yes,” Ms. Marcie moaned. “Oh, this is an exquisite treat.”“It is,” panted my sister. “Oh, you're both in me. I'm stuffed so full. I love it.”“Me, too,” I whimpered. “Now we fuck her hard,” moaned Ms. Marcie.I shuddered and groaned, nodding my head. Our cocks pumped through the hot, tight, velvety bowels, lubed by our precum flooding from our dicks. The incredible pressure of my sister's bowels around us squeezed out far more precum than normal, letting our dicks piston in and out of her depths.I shuddered, loving the sensation of Ms. Marcie's dick sliding against mine. We both groaned and grunted, fucking my sister at different speeds. Our dicks worked past each other, our tips caressing as we plunged over and over into Deidre's bowels.“Shit, shit, shit!” my sister groaned, spasming between us. “This is so awesome. I'm stuffed with cocks!”“You are,” I whined, thrusting harder, my dick aching, the pleasure shooting down my shaft to boil my pussy.“Oh, yes, pound my asshole!” Deidre screamed and came.Her bowels writhed about our plunging dicks. She clamped down on us, making her velvety tunnel even tighter. She crushed our futa-cocks together. And that made the pleasure exquisite. I moaned and gasped, thrusting so hard into her cumming asshole.Ms. Marcie groaned, thrusting harder, her tits jiggling on the other side of my sister. I hugged Deidre, my nipples rubbing on her back, adding a touch of spice to the feast my dick enjoyed. I shivered, pussy clenching with every hard thrust.“Cum in her ass!” Rosa moaned. “Flood her!”“Yes, yes, yes,” howled my sister, lost to the rapture. She kept cumming, bucking and thrashing between us. “This is amazing!”“It is,” panted Ms. Marcie.I only whined my agreement, pounding my sister's double-stuffed asshole. Rapture shuddered through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. The pressure grew and swelled in me. I groaned, Ms. Marcie's futa-dick throbbing against mine.Then I felt hot cum spilling around my cock. The futa-teacher screamed out as she came. She jammed her dick into my sister's bowels. I pumped up and down her length, feeling every blast of her jizz firing into Deidre's bowels, the warm jizz squeezing around my cock.“Deidre!” I gasped.“Cum in me, little sis!”“Yes!” I gasped and thrust forward hard. My entire body convulsed. My pussy spasmed, juices gushing from my snatch.And cum fired from my cock.I added my warm jizz to the mix, swirling around with Ms. Marcie's in my sister's bowels. I shivered and groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head as the delicious rapture surged around me. I groaned, my pussy clenching so hard.I loved it. I loved being a futa. I gasped and groaned, hugging her tight as I unloaded every drop of cum into her filled ass. I felt jizz spurting out of her asshole, matting down my bush. I shuddered, pleasure rippling through me.And then we collapsed into a sweaty pile. Just in time for the hour to be over. Time to head to my third class.“Ooh, I don't want to go,” Deidre panted as Ms. Marcie and I pulled out our dicks from her asshole. “I just want to fuck and fuck.”“Me, too,” I grinned. “But it's Friday. We have the entire weekend to have fun.”Deidre rolled over, cum flooding out of her asshole, leaving a big puddle on the ground beneath her butt. “Ooh, you're right. We're going to leave Mom exhausted.”“Yep,” I beamed. “And she'll love it.”I leaned in and kissed my sister hard on the mouth. Our tongues danced as the other girls dressed, the boys walking out, still oblivious to the futa and lesbian fun. I broke off our kiss as a naughty giggle bubbled out of me.“What?” Deidre asked.“I just love fairy magic!”As we got up, I wondered if anyone would notice the puddles of futa-cum we left behind?I buzzed for the rest of the day, enjoying my futa-cock at every chance I could. My friends loved it. But Deidre loved it most. Though she walked bow-legged for the rest of the day, she beamed, savoring being double-fucked.I couldn't wait for my turn. Maybe at Cassie and Lana's slumber party.But not the one this evening. Though Lana and Rosa both pressed us to come tonight, we didn't. We wanted to spend the weekend as a family. Our mom had no idea about my new addition. And I wanted it to be a surprise.So the first thing we did when getting home was strip naked and fall into a sixty-nine on the couch. My sister sucked on my cock. And I licked and lapped at her pussy. I dove through her spicy folds, making her squeal and moan.And she did the same thing to me.“Deidre!” I gasped, my body shuddering.My cum fired into her mouth as I felt the world change. Energy zapped around me as my cock unloaded futa-jizz into her hungry mouth. I gasped and spasmed, the power flooding into me, sluicing through my body, and ending at my dick.As my dick shrank out of her mouth, her clit thrust into mine. I shivered in delight, knowing sunset just happened. I sucked on her blossoming girl-dick. I nursed it. I loved it growing bigger, thicker, filling my mouth.“Oh, Keily, yes, suck my dick,” purred my sister. Then she lapped at my little clit, sending a surge of delight through me.I sucked hard on my sister's futa-dick. When one of us changed, the other one blossomed. We could have never-ending futa-fun in our house now. I shuddered, her tongue diving through my pussy while I nursed her girl-cock.The door opened. Mom walked in. “I see you wasted no time tonight,” she laughed, fingers working on the blouse she wore for work, exposing her breasts cupped in a naughty bra. “It's going to be wild weekend, huh?”Mom had no idea.To be continued...



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