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” he groaned国内少妇偷人精品视频免费

Daughter's Slut Training(An Incestuous Harem Story)Chapter Seven: Daughter's Naughty DiscoveryBy mypenname3000Copyright 2017Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!Mrs. UmayyahMy nineteen-year-old daughter Leyla slumped to the floor, trembling from the force of her whorish orgasms. Her naked, dusky body was flushed, her round breasts rising and falling as she sucked in deep breaths. Her brothers' cum leaked out of her pussy and asshole. She took their dicks in both her holes at the same time, learning to please two men at once.I lowered the camcorder, the recording saved on the memory card. The video of my daughter fucking her brothers would be the perfect recruiting tool for new Johns to fuck her. Plus, I could sell copies to help refill the savings accounts I'd drained because of my online poker addiction. Then my husband never had to find out what I did.And he got the benefit of enjoying our daughter's nubile body.My own body buzzed from my orgasms. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy, letting my skirt fall down my legs to my ankles. I felt so hot in my conservative dress, once again buttoned to the neckline, my hijab covering my hair. I stared at my fingers, coated in my juices, a hunger to suck them clean flowing through me.Memory of eating my daughter's pussy today flooded through me. I licked her clean of President Carver's cum to keep him happy. He ran the college I taught at, so keeping him happy was important. My daughter's pussy had a delicious flavor. Now I wanted to taste myself. To suck on my fingers and revel in my own taste.“I got homework to do,” Jalal, my baby boy, said. He gathered his clothing and gave me a grin before rushing off.“Let me help you out, Mom,” Faizel, my eldest at twenty, said. His voice a deep, rumbling bass, not still youthful like his little brother. He seized my hand, bringing my fingers to his mouth.I shuddered, my eyes staring at his naked body. So strong and muscular, his skin the same swarthy brown as his father. He could be Karim except he lacked my husband's beard, my son's cheeks still clean-shaven. I groaned as he sucked on my fingers, licking my juices off them. My eyes flicked down his muscular body, stopping at his half-hard dick. It was just in my daughter's asshole. What would that taste like?He should be cleaned. But Leyla looked out of it. I could rouse her, make her do her duty as a slut, but... A mother could help out her son, too.“Come with me,” I told my son, setting the camcorder down on the shelf as I walked to the stairs. I felt my son's eyes on me, lusting after me the same way the young men I taught math to did. Those same hungry, young eyes.“What are you up to, Mom?” he asked, voice thick and commanding.“Taking care of my son,” I said, throwing a look over my shoulder and smiling at him. The same sort of smile I used to beguile his father at eighteen. “Your cock is all dirty. Let your mother clean you up.”He gave me a big grin.My pussy burned as I climbed the stairs, that wet itch sending needful tingles rippling through my body, just begging to be naughty. My panties soaked up my juices leaking out of me. My clit throbbed against the sodden fabric.My breasts jiggled in my bra as we went up the stairs. I tried not to rush, but I was so aching to satiate my pussy. I gained the top of the stairs and headed for Faizel's room, throwing open his door and sauntering inside. He followed me in, his hand flicking the door closed behind us.It almost did close but didn't latch. I didn't care. I was already on my knees, staring at that big, thick cock thrusting from the dark curls of his bush, his heavy balls swaying beneath them. He had such stamina. His father was insatiable at this age. Once we were married, he would fuck me over and over, sometimes all night long.But we never did all the naughty things I'd done with my sons. Anal sex. Blowjobs. Double penetration.“Mmm, yes, let mommy take care of you,” I groaned, running my hands up and down his muscular thighs. “Let me clean off your whore-sister's ass from your cock.”He just smiled at me while his hands grabbed my hijab, pulling it off my head. My black hair spilled about my face. He ran his hands through the silky strands as I leaned in. I breathed in, smelling his salty precum mixing with the sour tang of my daughter's asshole.Such a depraved hunger shot through me. My tongue flicked out, swirling around the crown of his dick, tasting Leyla's bowels on my son's dick. He groaned, hand tightening in my hair. I caressed the tip, cleaning off my daughter's ass. My hands squeezed his muscular thighs, loving how hairy they were, how strong he was.“That's it, Mom,” he groaned. “Just suck all of Leyla's ass off of me. Mmm, you are a naughty mom.”“A good mom,” I groaned. “One who loves her sons so much.”He just grinned at me which turned into an open-mouth groan as my lips slid over his dick. I shuddered, sucking at his dick, the sour flavor of ass swelling in my mouth. It was such a dirty taste, something so naughty. Heat rippled out of my pussy, my body quivering as I slurped on my son's cock. My tongue danced about his shaft, working to clean off every bit.I'd seen Clint's women do this, sucking their ass off his dick. He'd fuck their mouths, make them swallow every inch of his shaft. Deep-throat him. My pussy clenched as I took more and more of my son's cock, staring up at him and taking such motherly pride in the pleasure crossing his strong face.“Damn, Mom,” he panted as his dick brushed the back of my throat. “You're not going to do that? Svetlana doesn't even do that.”Svetlana was his American girlfriend, a whore who put out. She wasn't good enough to marry my son, but she had holes for him to satiate his desires. Still, she should do this much for my son. Maybe I should talk to her.I kept pressing my mouth down his cock. I relaxed my gullet, fighting my gag reflex. I coughed once then shivered as his dick slid down my esophagus. I sucked in breaths through my mouth, my throat stretched so open. It felt so weird, so wrong.But the moans my son made caused me to shudder. So worth it.“You are the best mom,” he groaned as my lips pressed into his thick pubic hair, my tongue caressing his sour shaft. “Damn, yes.”I swallowed, massaging his dick with my throat. He groaned as I drew back my mouth, sucking so hard, polishing his dick. My tongue danced around his cock, searching for every bit of sour musk remaining. I wanted him so clean. I shuddered, my hands squeezing his thighs, my fingers wanting to attack my dripping pussy.My cunt smoldered. A fire ready to erupt in my nethers. I sucked harder, bobbing my mouth, fucking his cock down my throat over and over. It went easier and easier. His chest rose and fell above me, muscles rippling as he savored the pleasure of his mother's mouth.“I'm going to cum so hard, Mom,” he groaned. “Shit. Just keep sucking and deep-throating me. You are such a great cock-sucker, Mom. Just the best.”My pussy clenched.My tongue danced around the crown of his dick before I slid my mouth down his shaft again. He groaned as I swallowed his cock once more. He worked down my gullet, my moans massaging his dick. Pleasure spilled across his face.I sucked hard, sliding my mouth up his dick. The sour musk almost vanished, only the salty taste of his dick remained. And what a wonderful flavor that was. A heady wave washed through me. I felt so wicked. Such a naughty mother.“Mom!” he grunted, my only warning.Hot cum spurted into my mouth.My son's salty treat spilled into my mouth. I shuddered, the thick cream spilling around my mouth. I savored the flavor, another tremble racing through my body. I gulped down his jizz. It warmed down to my belly while my son groaned.Such pleasure spilled across Faizel's face. I gave him this rapture. My mouth. I excited him. He thought I was hot. Sexy. He grunted as he spilled the last blast of cum into my mouth. I swirled it around, loving the taste in my mouth, savoring it before I gulped it down.“Damn, Mom,” he groaned, breathing heavily. “Just damn.”I popped my mouth off his dick and rose. “Mmm, there, you're all clean.”“And what about you?” he asked, his hands seizing my hips. “I bet your pussy is on fire.”“I was just helping out my son,” I said, shuddering as his hands slid up my body to cup my large breasts through my blouse and bra. “That's all.”He squeezed, brushing my hard nipples. “Mmm, right.”He backed me to his bed, kneading my tits. I sank down on it. And he followed. Such a naughty boy. He knew he shouldn't do this with his mother. I wasn't a slut like Leyla. But he wanted me too badly to care. His fingers moved from my breasts to the buttons.He worked them down.“Mmm, do you like your mother's tits?” I asked when he'd opened my blouse, exposing my dusky breasts cupped in a cream colored bra.“Definitely,” he groaned, pushing the blouse off my shoulder. His hands moved behind my back as the top slipped down my arms. He found the clasp of my bra, unhooked it with skill. My breasts swayed as he pulled it off. “They're amazing.”His hands squeezed my naked tits, my brown nipples thrusting hard and fat. He pressed his face between them, nuzzling at the breasts he nursed at as a baby. I shuddered, his lips kissing and sucking at my inner slopes, face turning back and forth to love both my boobs.“Do your friends ever talk about me?” I asked, his fingers rubbing my nipples as he enjoyed my tits, tingles racing down to my molten pussy.“Oh, yes,” he grinned. “They think you're a MILF. A—”“Mother I'd Love to Fuck,” I purred. “I know the term. So they find me sexy?”“Oh, yes, Mom,” he panted. “You got these big tits. You can't hide them. Even in your conservative blouses. They all stare at them. And your ass. You have a great ass. You and Ms. Samuels are the two MILFs all the boys want to fuck. The hottest teachers at our college.”“Both MILFs with big tits, huh?” I asked.“Yeah,” he groaned, squeezing my soft breasts with those strong hands.I shuddered as he sucked on my right nipple, his lips sealing about the nub. My body squirmed beneath him, the bed creaking. As he loved my tits, I remembered the way the boys in my class looked at me when I unbuttoned my blouse during my last lesson. Especially Pete. He had that virgin vibe. And his parents were rich...“Oh, Faizel, yes,” I moaned as my son nibbled on my nipple. “Mmm, such a good, strong boy. Yes, yes, you know how to treat your mother.”His mouth popped off my nub, leaving it wet and glistening. “Yes, I do. I know just what you need.”I groaned as he engulfed my left nipple. He sucked so hard, sending the pleasure straight down to my pussy. His hands stroked down my smooth belly to my skirt. He found the claps, loosening it. I lifted my ass, helping him push it down my thighs as he loved my breasts.Then his hands found my panties.His thumbs hooked the waistband. He peeled down the cream-colored satin. Cool air brushed my drenched bush. My pussy tingled. I squirmed, my snatch begging to be touched. My panties joined my skirt on the floor. His hands pushed my thighs apart.He popped his mouth off my nipple, his eyes locked between my legs. On the pussy that birthed him. I licked my lips as my son leaned down and pressed his face into my black bush. I shuddered as my son licked through my pussy.“So how does it feel having a mother all your friends want to fuck?” I asked as pleasure rushed through me.His tongue dragged through the folds of my married cunt, flicking my clit as he stared up at me. “Makes me glad I get to fuck you.”“You are such a bad son. That's your father's pussy you're licking.”“Yes, it is,” he said with such pride.Then he licked my snatch again. My entire body quivered. The pleasure rushed through me as he ate my pussy with such gusto. When Leyla did it, she had a gentle lust. She hungered for my snatch, licked me hard, but she didn't have this rough domination of my cunt. She didn't try to own it the way her older brother did.Faizel devoured my cunt like he owned my pussy. He swirled his tongue through my sheath, probing the hole that birthed him. Pleasure rushed through me. I drank it in, loving the incestuous delight of my son pleasing me. I gasped and moaned, humping against him as his nose rubbed against my clit.“That's it,” I groaned. “Ooh, yes, that's how you thank your mother for everything she's done.”“You've done so much,” he groaned. “Like sucking my dick clean of my sister's asshole.”“Yes, yes, yes!” I shuddered, his tongue diving deep into my snatch, stirring through my folds. I was on fire from watching my son fuck my slut-daughter and then from sucking his dick clean of her ass. My orgasm swelled so fast. “Getting your dick clean to fuck pussy.”“Your pussy,” he growled. “That's why you did it.”I shuddered, biting my lip. I wasn't a slut. I wasn't. “Just being a good mother.”“And I'm being a good son.” He sucked on my clit. Hard.My orgasm exploded through me. My pleasure squeaked through me. I gasped and shuddered. I humped against him as the rapture flooded through my body. My big tits heaved as the bed creaked beneath me. My thighs locked on his head, holding him in place as he sucked on my clit.Then he jammed fingers into my convulsing snatch. My eyes rolled back into my head. I savored the pleasure of having my cunt eaten. A delight Karim never gave me, but one I'd learned to enjoy from my daughter.And my son showed me such skill at it.His fingers pumped in and out of my cumming snatch. My flesh spasmed about him, drinking in the friction of his plunging digits. His tongue flicked and battered my clit, the sparks setting off new explosions of orgasmic delight.My son kept me cumming. He kept me gasping and moaning and heaving on the bed. He plundered my pussy, gave me such rapture. My mind boiled. I loved having my pussy licked. I gripped his curly hair, holding his face to my cunt.“Yes, yes, yes,” I snarled. “Oh, my son is such a stud. I raised such a strong, young man! Oh, yes!”He stared up at me with such hungry eyes. He needed something from me now.“Fuck me,” I gasped as the pleasure raged through my body. “Fuck your mother with that big cock! Let Mommy's pussy make you cum so hard!”He grinned at me.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Leyla UmayyahI held my phone to my ear, trembling, waiting for my friend Kimmy to say something. My brothers' cum leaked out of my pussy and asshole as I knelt on the living room floor. All the dazed euphoria of my many orgasm from taking both their dicks in my holes vanished, swallowed by the fear that I'd ruined my friendship with the blonde girl on the other end of the line.Today, after servicing my first customer, President Carver, I found my friend Kimmy waiting for me in hall outside my mom's classroom. She was shocked my mom had whored me out. And, in a fit of sluttish lust, I took advantage of my friend. I kissed her. I fingered her pussy. I made her cum so hard.But when I wanted her to return the favor to my slutty cunt, she freaked out and fled.I'd been nervous all day that I ruined our friendship. She was such an innocent girl. As close as an American girl could get to being a good, Muslim woman. She dressed modestly, except she left her blonde hair uncovered, and was a virgin. She'd never done anything sexual with someone until I molested her nineteen-year-old cunt in the bathroom at our college today.“Kimmy, say something,” I said.“Leyla, I...” Her voice was quiet, almost strangled. “I... Just wanted to...”“It's okay. You can say it.” I took a deep breath, bracing myself for the condemnation, for the anger and betrayed hurt.“I want to apologize.”I blinked. “For what?”“For...you know.”I shook my head, utterly baffled. “I really, really don't know, Kimmy. I was the one that kissed you. Fingered you. I should be apologizing. I shouldn't have done that.”“No, no,” she said quickly. “I...I liked that. A lot. I...I never came before. Not even when I...I touched myself.”“You masturbate?” I asked. “But you never cum?”“I would feel good, but...nothing like what we did. None of those fireworks.” She swallowed. “I knew you needed me to...to do the same to you. I should have... But I was so confused. We're both girls. And I like boys and... I just freaked out. I should have... I should have made you cum, too. I'm sorry.”“You don't have to be,” I said. “Really. It's fine. You were scared. That's okay. I'm just glad we can still be friends.”“Of course.” I could hear the smile in Kimmy's face. I pictured her beaming as she sat on her bed, surrounded by her stuffed animals, braces glinting on her teeth. “We'll always be friends. Me, you, Izzy, and Kendra. Best friends forever.”“Forever,” I said, sighing. I leaned back against the couch, spreading my thighs apart. I stared down at my shaved twat, my younger brother's cum staining my flushed vulva. My finger rubbed at the jizz, drawing milky patterns across my pudenda. “So you don't mind that I'm a slut?”“No, no.” She paused. “In fact... I kind think it's...it's hot.”“Really?” I asked, forming a little heart out of cum, the pearly jizz drying on my skin.“Yeah. I mean... You fucked your brother Faizel at college today.” Something breathy had entered her voice, her words coming out quicker. “I couldn't stop thinking about that all day.”“Ooh, so you want to fuck that hunky brother of yours?” I asked, my finger sliding down to my clit. I rubbed my little nub, sparks shooting through my body. Carter was cute.“Not my brother.” She sounded hesitant again.“Well, who?” I so wanted to know. My finger danced faster on my clit, my pussy clenching, more of Jalal's cum pouring out of my cunt. I squirmed on the wet spot made of my brothers' combined jizz leaking out of my holes. “You can tell me. I've fucked both my brothers, my dad, and the president of my college. Nothing you can admit that would shock me.”“It's my dad.” She let out a girlish squeal of excitement. “He's just so sexy. I think about him all the time.”“Ooh, I bet. Having sex with my dad is amazing. It's my favorite.” I trembled. “I just feel so close with my dad. Like it's so special that we're having sex.”“I want that!” Kimmy said. “I want to be a slut just like you. But I don't know how to do it. How to have sex with my dad. How'd you do it?”“My mom trained me.” My eyes widened. “I just had the most amazing idea. Let me talk to her. I bet she can train you, too. Help you fuck your dad.”“Really?” “Really.”I winced at the shriek from my friend. I pulled my phone from my ear as her girlish excitement, and incestuous lust, burst out of her. I couldn't help smiling. I would help my friend discover her inner slut. Just like mom did for me.“Okay, let me talk to her. I'll let you know what's going on.”“Yes, yes,” Kimmy said. “Oh, Leyla, you are the greatest friend ever. I could just kiss you.”“Oh,亚洲综合无码一区二区三区不卡 I'll hold you to that,” I told her. “Kiss me. Finger me. Lick my pussy. I want to feel those braces on my twat.”“Deal,” she said. “I would gladly lick your pussy all day if it meant I could make love with my daddy!”“You will. No guy can resist a slut. I'll talk to you later.”“Bye!”I wanted to keep masturbating as I ended the call, but I was so excited. I hoped to my feet, my round breasts jiggling before me. Cum trickled down my thighs, leaking out of both holes. I loved it, feeling like just such a slut. I gripped my phone in hand, my pussy on fire, and then wondered where my mom was.Not in the kitchen. I didn't hear any sounds of dinner being started. She must be upstairs.I took the stairs two at a time. Just as I reached the top, I heard a woman moaning. Panting. I froze, blinking. I looked down the hallway. Faizel's door was cracked open. The sounds bled out of there. Did he have Svetlana in there? Had his girlfriend come over while I was out of it recovering from my orgasms?“Fuck me,” the unmistakable sound of my mother's voice said. “Fuck your mother with that big cock! Let Mommy's pussy make you cum so hard!”Confusion struck me. I padded down the hallways, reaching the door. I pushed it open, seeing my mom lying on her back naked, her big tits heaving. Faizel rose from between her thighs, his mouth and chin smeared with her pussy juices. His big cock thrust before him. He crawled up her body, his dick swaying. Her hand grabbed his shaft, guiding it to her dark bush with greedy excitement.Why was Mom fucking Faizel? I was available if my brother needed more satisfaction. I was just downstairs. He could have rammed his dick into my pussy or I could have sucked on him. Or he could even have enjoyed my asshole again.I liked it when he fucked me in the asshole while I rode Jalal's cock.But why was mom doing this? She rubbed his cock up and down her pussy like I would. Like a slut would. Was she...?My hand drifted down my stomach to my clit. I rubbed it again, watching as Faizel rammed his cock into our mother's cunt. Her body shuddered, her big tits jiggling as she took his dick to the hilt, pulling him down for an incestuous kiss.As I frigged my clit, my fingers moved on my phone, almost on their own, opening up the camera app, hitting record.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mrs. UmayyahI kissed my son so hard as his dick filled me. He felt so amazing in me. His cock spread me open, gave my pussy the relief it had craved all day. Masturbating while watching President Carver fuck my daughter and then my two sons using her holes hadn't been enough. I came, more than once, but this is what I needed.A hard shaft in my pussy pumping away.The bed creaked as he pounded my pussy. My son plunged over and over into me. Such an incestuous thrill shot through me to feel him in me again. He belonged in my cunt. My thighs locked around him, my hips undulating, pumping away, meeting his thrusts.Waves of pleasure rippled through my body. They spilled through me, leaving me gasping and groaning. My eyes rolled back into my head, stars dancing through my vision. My clit savored his pubic bone slapping into my crotch every time he buried into me, his balls heavy as they thwacked into my taint.I loved it.My body drank in his youthful passion.His strong chest crushed my breasts.Faizel broke the kiss. “That's what you need, Mom.”“Yes,” I groaned. “Oh, yes, Faizel, fuck your mother. Mmm, you need to cum so badly, don't you? Just dump your jizz into me.”“Yes, yes, yes,” he growled, thrusting harder and harder. His balls smacked so hard into me, full of that incestuous seed I wanted to feel spurting inside of me. “Damn, Mom, you have such a hot, tight cunt.”“And you have such a big cock.” My snatch clenched down on his dick. “Oh, yes, I raised a hung son!”Motherly pride met incestuous pleasure. They swirled together inside of me. Delight spilled through me, rippling through my body with every thrust of his dick into my depths. He grunted, groaned, staring down at me with such lust.Yes, young men wanted me. I was a MILF. A mother they wanted to fuck. And they had such energy. They thrust so hard. My fingernails clawed at his back as he hammered me. His dick pumped away into my silky hole, the friction burning so hard, leaving me dizzy with euphoria.My neck arched, my vision dancing around the room and—“Leyla!” I gasped; my slut-daughter was masturbating in the doorway while peering in at us. “Oh, Leyla, yes, watch. This is how a slut fucks a stud. Mmm, come closer. Get a good view.”“Yes, Mother,” my daughter said, so submissive.She pushed the door open, her cell phone clenched in her left hand, her right frigging away at her clit. Probably texting her friend while masturbating. She couldn't do anything without her phone at least in her pocket.But I didn't care right now. Not when my eldest son fucked my pussy so hard. Nor with my daughter watching, her dark eyes staring at the meeting of incestuous flesh, mother and son coming together in forbidden union. It made me feel even more wanton. Her firm, youthful breasts jiggled as she frigged her clit, little whimpers escaping her lips.“Yes, yes, just watch your brother fuck me hard!” I groaned. “See how I'm holding him. How I'm pumping away with my hips. How I moan. You have to moan. They have to know they're giving you pleasure. It makes them feel like they're studs. And your brother is such a stud! He's fucking me so hard. I love it!”“You love it?” Leyla asked, her eyes so wide.“Don't you love it?” I groaned.“I'm a slut.”“Yes, you are,” I panted, my snatch tightening on her brother's dick, pleasure rippling through me. “Such a naughty whore. You're going to make Mommy so much money.”“Uh-huh,” she purred, rubbing her clit faster.Faizel kissed and nuzzled at my neck as he fucked me. He rammed that amazing dick so hard into me. I clutched his muscular body to me, drinking in my daughter's presence. She watched, learning new ways to please her clients. She would be the best whore. Such a good earner.Her hand gripped her phone so tight as she masturbated. She slipped two of her fingers into her shaved snatch, Jalal's cum leaking out around her digits. She rubbed the heel of her hand into her clit, grinding against her bud as she fucked her twat.She got off on watching her brother fuck her mother. Just like a slut should.My orgasm swelled faster and faster with her watching. I kept staring at her youthful titties. Those young boobs all the male teachers would pay so much for. They would slobber over them, pawing them, before they fucked her barely legal cunt.I would make so much money.“Oh, yes!” I groaned, my orgasm swelling faster and faster. “Faizel! I'm going to cum!”“Yes,” he grunted. “Cum on my dick, Mom. Milk it. Milk out all my cum into your cunt. Then Leyla can lick you clean.”“Yes!” whimpered my daughter, her entire body trembling, her fingers squelching as they plunged into her sloppy snatch. “I will, Mother!”The little slut came saying those words. I could see it in the way her body convulsed, the way she whimpered. Such pleasure crossed my daughter's face, her tongue dancing across her lips. She hungered to lick my pussy clean of Faizel's cum.His dick plunged into my snatch. The friction burned hot through me. His pubic bone mashed into my clit.Sparks exploded.My pussy convulsed about his dick.I bucked and spasmed beneath my son. Euphoric rapture surged through me. He groaned, driving his cock into my cunt's milking embrace. Every thrust sent more waves washing through me, drowning my mind in ecstasy.“Cum in me!” I gasped. “Cum in your mother!”“Yes!” he grunted and buried into me.His cum spurted hot into my depths. I savored the incestuous thrill, staring at my daughter as her brother filled me to the hilt with jizz. So many yummy drops of spunk for her to lick out of me. More orgasms for my body to enjoy.I loved having a slut for a daughter.“Ooh, there's so much for you to enjoy,” I panted, my orgasm peaking through me. Faizel grunted, his dick spurting a final time. “You're going to feast on me.”“I am, Mother!” she whimpered, breasts jiggling as her orgasm died down in her. She pulled out her fingers, bringing them to her mouth, licking off her own cream and Jalal's cum.I shuddered again as my son panted atop me. I savored his weight on me. I stared at my daughter, noticed her shifting her hips. She looked like she wanted to ask me something. She must have come looking for me for a reason then lost control of her slutty pussy when she found me satiating her brother in her place.“Did you need something?” I asked.She flicked her eyes to Faizel. “Can we talk, Mother?”“Of course, of course,” I said, pushing on my son. He rolled off of me, bringing a whimper from my lips as his dick popped out of my pussy. I clamped a hand over my snatch, trapping in all that yummy cum for my daughter to enjoy. “I always have time to talk to my good, little slut.”I could tell by the gleam in her eyes that she liked being referred to in that way. Her back straightened, thrusting out those firm, youthful breasts of hers. They bounced and jiggled, her nipples so hard atop them.I fought the urge to bend over and suck on the nub. So instead I just grabbed one between my thumb and forefinger, tugging on it. I turned her around and led her out of her brother's room. I loved leading her like this.Faizel grabbed his phone, texting on it, a big smile on his face. His eyes flicked up to me, smoldering with the promise of more pleasure to cum. My pussy tingled in delight. I tugged harder on my daughter's nipple as I fought such a wanton moan.As I led my compliant daughter down the hallway, I wondered what she needed to talk to me about. Did she have qualms about being a whore? No, no, she loved it. I could see it in her eyes. She was proud to help her family out by using her body and...What if she told her father?“I hope you will be discreet about your prostitution,” I told her as I led her into my bedroom.“Discreet?”“With your father.” I twisted her nipple. “He doesn't need to know just how much of a slut you are. He's already ashamed enough that you're a little whore without knowing you're selling your body to other men.”“But... Doesn't he want to know how I'm helping the family?”“He wouldn't accept the money if he knew how you earned it.” I rolled her nipple between my fingers. “But don't worry, I know how to explain the new money to him. So you don't need to worry one bit. Just another secret to keep from him.”“Like when you have sex with my brothers?”I gave her a look. “That's just me helping out my sons while you're busy.”“But I was downstairs and—” Leyla sucked in a pain-filled breath as I pinched her nipple hard.“You were recovering from your orgasms. I didn't want to push you. I was concerned about you, but Faizel needed satisfaction. You turned him on so much. You're too much of a whore for your own good, okay?” I gave her a smile. “I love my little slut.” I leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the mouth. “Now, what did you need?”I let go of her nipple and spread out on the bed, my left hand still clamped over my pussy. I parted my thighs and smiled as she slipped between my legs, setting her phone on the bed beside her. She leaned down, black hair sweeping about her youthful face.“My friend Kimmy called,” she said as I lifted my hand so she could feast on my pussy.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Leyla UmayyahI took my first lick through my mom's pussy. Her explanation about why she was with my older brother sounded so believable. But there was something about how...enthusiastic she was with Faizel. She wasn't just doing it as a chore. She enjoyed my brother fucking her.But shouldn't she only want Dad to fuck her?Her tangy pussy juices and Faizel's salty cum stained my tongue as I stared up at her. She shuddered as I took another lick. The two flavors burst to life on my tongue. A naughty thrill shot down to my pussy, growing another whorish itch in me.“And what did Kimmy want?” Mom asked, her hips shaking.Between licks of her yummy pussy, I told her about the conversation. Mom drank in my words, and the delight of my tongue dragging through the folds of her pussy. She shuddered, hands playing with her stomach, her big boobs jiggling. More and more cum leaked out of her pussy as I spoke, forcing me to lap it up before I could continue.I loved the flavor so much. My mom's pussy and my brother's jizz. Such a wrong, incestuous delight. Something no daughter should experience in a perfect world but one I was so glad to enjoy. I was a slut.And the perks were so delicious.“That's very interesting,” Mom said when I finished telling her about my conversation with Kimmy.“Uh-huh,” I purred, pressing my face into the folds of her snatch, her thick bush tickling my cheeks and nose. I loved the feeling.I licked and nuzzled. Mom groaned, her hands sliding faster on her stomach, rubbing her smooth, dusky-brown skin. I stared at her jiggling breasts, loving the way they moved and rippled, her dark nipples swaying at the top. I reached up her body, grasping both her boobs, massaging them as I feasted on her creampie.My tongue wiggled into the depths of her pussy, swirling around. I scooped up more of my older brother's cum out of Mom's snatch. Salty cum infused with tangy pussy cream. My own juices poured down my thighs, my twat growing hotter and hotter with every lick.“Very interesting,” Mom said, her hands cupping mine, pressing them into her boobs. Her pillowy flesh spilled over my fingers as she guided my hands, moving them around her tits.To her hard nipples.“Having another slut would help us make more money,” Mom mused, her hips grinding against my pussy. “And her father has money. He would make a very good client.” My mom shuddered. “Ooh, isn't it so hot having a man pay to fuck his own daughter?”“Uh-huh,” I moaned into her snatch.My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I wanted to pull my hands away from Mom's boobs, but she held them in place, massaging them into her tits, rubbing my palms into her fat nipples. The hard nubs rubbed on my skin as she squirmed, grinding her snatch on my face.I licked faster through her snatch. I gathered up the last drops of my brother's spunk, leaving only tangy pussy juices to enjoy. Good thing I loved hot snatch. I fluttered my tongue through my mom's pussy, rubbing my nose against her clit.She moaned, her tits rising and falling faster and faster beneath her hands. Her excitement built and built. Her dark eyes smoldered, staring down at me as I feasted on her incestuous cunt. A smile played on her lips.“Ooh, I have the perfect idea,” she groaned, her pussy growing hotter on my mouth.“What?” I asked, my cunt tightening, aching to be touched. A tremble raced through my body as I waited to hear.“Maybe Kimmy should invite you over for a slumber party on Friday night.” Mom squeezed my hands tight into her tits, her fingernails biting into the back of my hand. “Okay,” I panted then fluttered my tongue through her snatch again, making her squirm and groan.“Her mom's out of town this weekend, right?” she asked. “A business trip.”I nodded my head, smearing my mouth through my mom's pussy.“So it'll just be you two girls and her father.”“What about her brother?” I asked. “He might be around.”“On a Friday night? I bet he'll find something to keep himself occupied.” Mom smiled broadly. “Maybe Faizel can help us out. Hook him up with some pussy or something. I have Carter in one of my classes. He's cute. Girls will be fawning over him.”“Okay,” I said. Mom humped harder and harder against me, her excitement building.“I'll drop you off and proposition her father. I'll show him the video of you fucking your brothers and then make him think it's you he's fucking that night while Kimmy's “asleep.” But you'll need to blindfold him. Then Kimmy can slip in and ride him instead.”“Oh, Mom, that's hot,” I moaned then sucked on her clit.“It is,” she moaned, squeezing her hands tight about my tits. Her body shuddered beneath me. “So hot! It'll be one wild night for everyone!”She smeared her pussy across my mouth. Her juices flooded out, tangy and wonderful. She quivered in orgasmic delight. I lapped up her flood, my hips wiggling as the itch built and built in my own snatch.I wanted to cum so badly. I had to masturbate. I tried to pull my hands from Mom's tits, but she kept them pinned in place as she shuddered through her orgasm, smearing her snatch against my face, bathing me in her incestuous cream.“Mmm,” she whimpered. “Oh, my little slut is such a good pussy licker.” Her eyes flicked down at me. “And you have a hot cunt, don't you?”“I do, Mother,” I whimpered, jerking harder to get my hands free.“Mmm, why don't we sixty-nine? Let your mother take care of that hot pussy. Even slut-daughters need their mother's love.”I hesitated. She must have enjoyed licking my pussy earlier if she wanted to eat it again. My mother was a slut. What should I do about that? It would hurt Dad so much to learn the truth. Should I keep it from him?I moved even as my thoughts were conflicted. I straddled my mom's face. Her hands seized my firm ass, pulling me down to her mouth. She nuzzled against my pussy as my dangling, black hair brushed her thighs.“Mmm, some of your brother's cum is still in your snatch,” she purred right before she licked me.I shuddered, her tongue dancing through my folds. I whimpered, leaning my mouth down to her pussy. I pressed into her folds again, licking her with delight as pleasure flooded through my body. I didn't know what to do about Mom being a slut instead of a good woman.But right now, I couldn't think about it. Not with that delight rippling out of my cunt. I whimpered into her snatch as my mom's tongue fluttered into my pussy. She swirled around, rooting out Jalal's cum, savoring my baby brother's jizz.“Oh, that's good,” she groaned, her fingers kneading my ass, pulling me tight against her body.Her big breasts rubbed on my stomach. My smaller tits pressed into hers. I shuddered atop her, squirming, grinding my shaved snatch on her mouth as I feasted on her tangy muff. Our tongues danced through each other's pussy, pleasing each other, reveling in lesbian incest.I lapped from her clit through her folds over and over. My fingers reached around to pull apart her labia, exposing her pink depths. I buried my tongue into her delights, soaking it in her tangy cream, making her whimper into my pussy.“Such a slutty daughter,” she moaned, her fingers sliding into my butt-crack. She found my asshole, stroking it. “Mmm, you're going to make Mommy so much money.”“I am,” I groaned. “Me and Kimmy will..”“And maybe your other friends, too.”“Yes, Mother.”Her finger jabbed into my asshole. Her mouth latched onto my clit. She sucked hard. Such pleasure surged through me. My slutty cunt drank in the sensations, my whorish bowels savoring her finger pumping in and out.My orgasm swept through me, a naughty tsunami of euphoria. I moaned into her pussy, squirming and bucking atop her as I drowned in ecstasy. I kept licking her, making her moan about my clit. We licked and devoured each other.Mother and daughter. Two naughty sluts needing our pussies pleasured.I kept licking her. So long as we were coming, I didn't have to think about what that meant, what I should do. My eyes flicked to my phone as Mom quivered beneath me, her tangy pussy juices flooding my mouth once more.I concentrated on her clit. It was easier just devouring her cunt and letting her finger my asshole.To be continued...



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